Raised Access Flooring offers best solution for the office, the factory, the customs terminal and the airport, business centers, shopping, storage, technical facilities, Media Rooms, Network Rooms etc. Raised Access Floor have originally been used in Data Centers however they begun to provide same advantages in almost every building where cable management is a requirement and ease of access and flexibility to building civil infrastructures.
Raised-floor systems have become a mainstay in today’s data centers, but as they are extended to other parts of the building, there are now several offerrings.
CLEON TECHNOLOGIES Provides Raised Access Floor Solution covering the wide range of application such as bank ,military, high grade computer room, network rooms, datacenters, top grade office,and occasions which required high loading capacity.
Today, building designers are seeking out seamless raised-floor systems for expanded areas. The ease of upgrading, as well as adding and removing cabling and applications through raised-floor systems, has helped spread the popularity of these systems to other parts of the building.

Our Raised Floor possess the following Characteristics

  • High strength to weight performance/strong loading ability.
  • Full range of factory laminated finishes.
  • Class A flame spread rating rating.
  • Internally grounded.
  • Excellent rolling load performance.
  • Excellent acoustics
  • Environment friendly
  • Anti-static
  • High dimensional precision
  • shockproof,fireproof
  • Outlet mating
  • Elegant appearance
  • stable performance in humidity & temperature

We provide range of Access Floor panels such as

  1. Aluminium Air Flow Panels
  2. Woodcore Access Floor Panels
  3. Perforated Steel Panels
  4. Steel Cementitious infil Access Panels
  5. Calcium Sulphate (Fire Proof) Access Panels

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